Washer & Dryer Repair

waukegan washer repairThe washer or dryer breaks down and you do not have time to go to a laundromat. And you would prefer not to have piles of dirty laundry all around the house. You need to call a local appliance repairman who will fix your washer or dryer the day you call and for a fair price. Choose Waukegan Appliance Repair. We are a reliable local repair service, affordable, well qualified. And, we are happy to offer same-day service to our customers in Waukegan.

Our highly skilled technicians have the training and experience to fix common and complicated dryer repair problems on a single service appointment. We stock our vans with parts for all major manufacturers of washers and dryers. These include GE, Goodman, LG, Kenmore, Bryant, Armstrong, Sears, Carrier, Lennox, RCA and more!

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The most common kind of washer repair is because of loud noises. We can determine the source of that loud noise and tell you whether we need to replace or repair the broken part or parts. The usual cause of the noise is a worn belt, broken pump motor, or damaged bearings. We fix this issue on the spot for all major brands.


When the washing machine does not turn on, check to see that it is plugged in. Then check the circuit breaker and make sure it has not tripped off. Problems with the agitator cogs, transmission, coupler, or drive belt are the common reasons your washer will not agitate. It will not turn on if there is a broken timer, thermal fuse, or door latch. Call us to get this fixed the same day.


When there is a problem with the wax motor, motor coupling, or door latch, a washer will not spin. Call us for same-day repairs for this issue on all major brands


A washer that overflows has a broken water inlet valve, air dome tube, or water level pressure switch. Do not put up with repeated overflowing and cleaning up. Call us today for same-day repairs.


When a washing machine does not produce cold or hot water, there is a broken temperature control switch or stopped up inlet hose. Call us for a same-day repair of this problem.



Broken seals, damaged bearings, or worn belts in your dryer make lots of noise. They are the main reasons we get calls for this appliance. When this happens to you, call us before the problem gets worse and the dryer will not work at all.


When your dryer will not heat up enough to dry clothing, the cause is either a broken high limit thermostat, heating element, or cycling thermostat. The same parts may cause the dryer to be too hot. Our certified technician will examine the machine and fix the problem on a simple service call.


When it does not turn on, make sure your dryer is plugged in and that the circuit breaker did not trip. The high limit thermostat, cycling thermostat, or heating element is commonly the reason that the dryer will not turn on or tumble.


A broken timer or door switch is the usual reason your dryer will not turn off. Do not just unplug the dryer. Call us for a simple, same-day repair of this issue.


Your dryer has a timer that advances the appliance through the drying cycle. When the timer does not advance, common problems are a broken cycling thermostat or timer motor. Call us for same-day repairs on all major brands and models.